Between Love n Passion

Hola... Y I pick this TiTle?? well, not becoz I dah tergedik2 nak get into marriege world, but this thing keep playing in my mind.. ape die ingat kepala I nih taman permainan ke??? But I'm really don't understand with my feeling...dah jadik kacau bilau gamaknye....

well, I'm try not to think about this, but seems I cannot avoid from it no matter what I do...Even I have try harder n even hardest to forget him, but still cannot lost from my mind...I just wonder if my feeling for him is about Love or only my passion to get him...??? Oh my god, plizz help me....

For me, he has been died for ages... maybe he has transform into a ghost and now hunting me??? Do i owe you sumting??? ceh ayat ala-ala berani tuh.. ngarutje lebih...hihihi... apa-apa pun, life must goes on...

I have to fight for my bright future!!! No more dreaming...


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