my PC...

Oh my laptop, I beg u pliss jangan wat hal lagik...uwaa....
alkisahnye, laptop I sekarang slower down la...dunno what happen to her... Juz check for virus yesterday, bot not much viruses found... only malware...but i've resolve that problem...

then i checked with another malware antivirus, FYI, i used 2 antiviruses... 1 is Avast and another one is ad-ware (this one to kill malware)... i think my beloved pc want me to upgrade her RAM la.... huhu... next time yer sayang....

akceli i dah lame nak upgrade my RAM nih... but since I terover bz sejak 2 menjak nih, selalu la tertangguh sampai I lupe.... hmm, xpe since I da ingat nih baik cepat2 setelkan hal nih kan... therefore, sekarang ni kan ade PC fair kat KLCC, so better take this chance to settle up this prob...

until met agai k..


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