1st day...

My 1st day trip to KK brings me to my fren's wedding... This is "Bajau Ethnics" wed... On the occation that I attend is "Mandi Bedak" occation, where it is like "Sanding" ceremony, but they held it on night after "akad nikah" where they have to wear their traditional dress...

This is where the bride sit above dais prepared for them which contains mat from fall family's possession generic

The ceremony started after "Marhaban Group" end the "Selawat Ke Atas Nabi" and the family member started "Renjis"

Then the whole guest will have a chance to "merenjis" the bride.
But I couldn't stay until the end of the ceremony as my fren has to go back early, moreover tomorrow they will held the "sanding" ceremony .


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